Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kids Homemade Classroom Valentine Garland

It seems like most gorgeous art projects never stay in the classroom longer than a day. Sometimes, I actually have to plan for festive classroom decorations and really get the kids excited about it, as well. This can be a bit tricky but long-term projects can go on for months!
The children used the same crayon muffin technique and I simply place metal paper clips inside as soon as the come out of the oven.

Materials You'll Need For the Homemade Valentine Classroom Garland:

All photos from Resurrection Fern
The Process: Check out the crayon muffins link and just after you take them out of the oven place a paper clip inside them just before they cool. As a class, we have this activity open all week. We get quite a few hearts. Unfortunately, one year a preschooler came up with the brilliant idea of making them into crayon necklaces. Brilliant idea, and there went the garland...sigh.

Making It Meaningful: I encourage the children to bring bits of nature from home. Pine cones, acorns, twigs and leaves. We make it a special show and tell where the children tell how and where they found the prized possessions just before we hang it on the garland.

These valentine garlands are very beautiful and natural looking. And best of all the children love adding to them and telling stories about it!

How about you? what would you have your class add?

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Unknown said...

So pretty! I would love to make this in our class...but they would melt here (phoenix). ;(