Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fostering Resiliency in Children in Early Childhood Education

You always pass failure on your way to success. 
~Mickey Rooney

I would hate to think I am an Early Childhood Educator that discourages children. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, I mean who would go put of their way to do that, right? I really do look at the lives to people who have been success stories and they do tend to credit influential people like teachers that have- in fact said very hurtful and discouraging things to them.
Their clearly was something in the content to their character that made them persevere.
Resiliency…. that amazing ability to bounce back from situations.
I always think of a ball or a bubble. It’s simplicity. A soap bubble takes a round form simply because it is the most efficient practical shape it exist. It’s no wonder we use term, a well rounded individual.
Either way…I would like to be remembered for fostering 'good' by the children.


VKT said...

Great post Barbara! We want them to feel free to take risks so that they can develop that resiliency.

Dan Gurney said...

Nice video. Failure has no meaning, it doesn't even exist the moment you get up, dust yourself off, and have another go at it.

I'd like to be remembered for trying; success is secondary.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi Dan and VKT,
I was thinking about how trying puts you 100% over those that never attempted. That is success, too. I see a lot of little ones with a fear of failing-changing the mindset and the way we think about it really is half the battle.
The courage to try...overcoming fear....I really think that would be huge for any age.