The Marshmellow Test

   Life is the sum of all your choices. ~Albert Camus

In the 1960’s Walter Mischel conducted his very famous Marshmellow Test on children of various ages to take a look at delayed gratification.
It was test to see what would happen if you put off something you desire for something better tomorrow. He followed them throughout their lives and the results were astounding.
The children that could hold off eating the ‘one marshmallow’ for ‘two’ seemed to do significantly better at delaying gratification that those that gobbled it immediately.

In areas like:
Relationships & marriage
Money and finances
Health and fitness
Positive outlook on life
The ‘gobblers’ seemed to be the opposite in his finding years later.
I often wonder how I would have done back as a small child. I know while taking care of kids I have to be managing myself; as well all those areas above.
I’m so glad there’s resources…..sigh.

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