Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids Super Easy Ghost Luminary Craft

The very first Halloween craft I have ever done with preschoolers was ghost luminaries. The parents and kids went absolutely nuts over them. I had read about them in a very old craft book I had gotten at the library. They looked great with or with out the candles, quite frankly.

How to Make Super Easy Ghost Luminaries:
Materials: Liquid starch, packages of cheese cloth, scissors, scraps of black felt, glue, large bowl, A ball for each child (Styrofoam is fine, too)
The Process: Have the children precut pieces of felt into eye and mouth shapes and get cheese cloth squares ready. Each child should have two or three pieces each.
Help the children dip their cheese cloth in the bowl of starch solution and lay it over the ball to dry. After it drys gently glue the mouth and eyes on!
Extension: Keep the dried luminary on the ball and gently brush a glue and water solution over it. Apply very fine sparkle glitter for a mystical look!


Cheeseboy said...

This would be GREAT to make with my first graders. Thanks always for the great ideas.

Dan Gurney said...

Hey, Barbra. Again, thanks for a good idea. I think I'll use it in my kindergarten. This on top of the ice excavations which we'll do in the coming week.

Thank you for sharing your ideas here.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

@ Cheeseboy
Hi again, I thought you'd like it because of the "cheese"cloth.

@ Dan
It's gonna be a hit! Thanks for stopping by, Dan. I love checking out your activites on Mr. Kindergarten!