Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Language Development Activities for Preschoolers

We are all about affordable learning materials in our preschool classroom. "I Spy" bottles are the perfect creation and can be used in so many different ways! Language Development can be hands on and exciting for kids! Here are just a few ways we use these bottles with our preschoolers.

Easy Hands On Language Development Activities:
For Circle Time Activities: Have an "I Spy" Bottle for each child in the class. Challenge them to find specific objects in them as a group and call them out as they find them. Our preschooler call it bottle bingo.
Table Top Activities: Have pictures of the objects taped to the table and have the children find and match the objects in the "I Spy" bottles as they find them. We like to have the children tell us a story about their favorite objects and we take dictation.
Alphabet Recognition: We cut out letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper and challenge the children to find the letters or spell their own name!
Color Recognition: Use colorful beads and have the children name and find their favorite colors.

Tips: Be sure to glue the bottles sealed. Preschoolers are very tempted to open them. Be sure to get creative! Make it a class project by making them with the children! Materials like sand, water or Karo's syrup are great substitutes for rice! Themed "I Spy" bottles are a great and inexpensive addition to any curriculum!

How would you utilize these bottles as language development activities?

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