Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips for Teaching Young Children the Skeletal System

I have taught the the names of bones to preschool children and school-ages, alike. 
The songs, diagrams and puzzles are an effective, interactive way to teach children about the bones in the body. Often times the only exposure out children get to bones are during Halloween. 

A good understanding of what bones and the skeletal system really is is by fun learning rather than a creepy, scary one.

We came up with a few various educational resources that can be used to start teaching young children about bones and the skeletal system.

Teaching with a hands on and fun approach can make education and early learning a bit easier for everyone!

Teacher's Link Tips For Teaching Young Children The Skeletal System
  1.  Learn the human body- Skeletal System (Lots of kid friendly language teachers can use)
  2.  Skeleton Floor Puzzle - Large enough for a small group time.
  3.  The Bone Bounce - A Song by Teacher Lucy Jensen
  4.  The Big Story on Bones Website- Tons of resources at your fingertips for answering kids questions. And we know about questions, don't we?
  5.  Skeleton X-rays - For the classroom! (For kids that wanna see!)
  6. Skeletons in the Closet Game- Really fun! It does contain very small parts so it needs adult supervision.
  7.  Them Not So Dry Bones - School House Rock
  8. Labeled Bone Diagrams- a  parent and teacher's cheat sheet


LeeanneA said...

Great lesson! I always laugh when I tell toddlers they have a skeleton in their body - they always laugh and say, "Nooooo"!

Unknown said...

They can learn an important life lesson about how practice helps improve skills.

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