Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorite Kids Melted Crayon Gift Projects

Crayon Melted Rock Paperweights and much more! (This photo is from

By far, some of the easiest and most beautiful gift project ideas have always been the simplest. I haven't quite figured out if the beauty is in the simplicity or that its just so beautifully fun and economical. I suspect a bit of both I guess.

How to Make Melted Crayon Paper Weights:
I am modifying this original post for Hot Rocks because I was really trying to figure a way to do it with the youngest of children without any ouchies. I mean, you say to a group of preschoolers, "watch out, sweetie, it's hot." Someone is bound to test the 'how-hot-is-it-theory'. Have kids create their own crayon shavings by crushing them in bags or with cheese graters and then the children can arrange the shaving on a rock before it goes in the oven. Bake it at 130F for about 5-7 minutes and let it cool. It makes an awesome paperweight gift!

Heat pottery and color it! Great gift idea!

How to Make Melted Crayon Pottery:

Materials Needed:
Process: Write the children's names on the inside of the pot before baking. Heat the flower pots in the oven at approximately 130-150F. Any young children doing this product must wear mittens for protection while they freely color the pottery with crayons. As you can see, it's a beautiful effect.
We keep ice water handy for the tempted little ones that feel temp checks are needed. For any toasted little fingers~they quickly take the plunge!

Gift Idea: After it has completely cooled, place colored tissue papers inside with a handmade card or a seedling that the child has helped sprout.

Extension: Standard crayons look great, but if you add a few glitter crayons it really adds that special touch!

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