Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sandwich Bag Science for Kids

Keep kids cool in the warm weather with this simple and fun project we like to call, Sandwich Bag Science!
We like to do it in groups of three or four with the kids holding the bags up over their head. On a nice hot day I like to have them 'hypothesize' what they think could possibly happen before, during, and after we finish.
Here is what you'll need for your groups:
  • Sandwich bags (one per group)
  • Rubber bands (for tying bags)
  • Water
  • Sharp pencils (plenty of them)

Thank to Scribbit for the pix and inspiration
Procedure: I tell the children as little as possible about the project. I have them fill the bags with water, tie them with a rubber band and get in groups with plenty of pencils. What I will ask them is what will happen if they poke a pencil through the bag. How many times could they do it, etc. The children often marvel that the bag could be pierced in the first place. I only have one rule during the project. The kids must hold the baggie up over their head as they work.
At the end of the project I will often tell the children to double check and count how many pencils they got into their bags by taking them out of the baggies and doing a re-count. That's usually when the squeals begin!
It gets them every time.... favorite part.

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