Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kids Ocean Wave Bottles Craft

There is nothing like taking a bit of the beach home with you. As a California girl, myself I love to bring the ocean and science into the classroom to share with the children.
I used to make wonderful wave bottles for used plastic water bottles, however, times being what they are businesses use much less plastic (great for our environment), but not when it comes to the durability of our kids projects.
The families and I found a great option that the children love; we use these ocean bottles as staple pieces in the classroom, as well gift ideas! Here is a craft I guarantee your preschoolers and families will love!

How to Make Kids Ocean Theme Wave Bottles
More Ocean in a Bottle Ideas!
Cheap clear baby bottles (We go to a local Dollar Store)
Bags of small shells (Any dollar or craft store has these)
Soft clean sand or washed pea gravel (Just enough to settle nicely on the bottom of the bottle)
Small Rubber Sea Creatures (Optional but the kids love them)
Large container of Baby Oil (Optional-give you that wave effect)
Blue Food Color or Bio Color
Silver Glitter (Optional but very pretty)
Masking Tape

Procedure: Keep the lids and allow the children scoop in a couple spoonfuls of sand or gravel. Allow children to select 3-5 shells depending to the size and one sea creature to place in the bottle.
Have the children mark a halfway point with the masking tape on their bottle. Let the kids add in their water to the mark and funnel in the baby oil almost to the top. Be sure they are holding it securely so it won’t spill.
Add in one drop of food coloring and a dash of glitter. Now securely tighten the bottle with the bottle plug minus the rubber nipple.

There! Now you're kids have captured the ocean in a pinch!

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