Friday, March 11, 2011

The Teacher's Child Like Heart

I have often wondered what it is that keeps teachers going through the tough times. The sacrifices we make for the greater good are so light compared to the hope of a child's enthusiasm and excitement toward learning.
I have never really asked anyone but I assumed its the child like qualities we have kept within  ourselves.
The ability to see through the eyes of children still comes from the heart.
Here are just a few attributes I have found teachers have toward the ability to keep giving with a smile.

Attributes of a Teachers Child Like Heart:

Child Like Gullibility: The ability to read a book for the twenty seventh time and still be able to express surprise at the ending.

Child Like Imagination: The ability to lose yourself in imagination with others while delighting in what could be possible.

Child Like Wonder: The ability to withhold all the answers you know and understand while encouraging wonder and conversation toward what seems magical.

Child Like Demeanor: Maintaining a child like heart without being childish. Always being inclined to see 'fun' in every opportunity.

Child Like in Friendship: Quick to forgive and slow to remember faults.

Child Like Thinking: Everything is possible and impossible is nothing! Especially after gram crackers, milk, and a nice long nap.

Share with us the attributes you know about....

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