Sunday, March 13, 2011

Growing in the Preschool Classroom

I love growing in the preschool classroom. I think that is why I have always have bits of nature, critters and assorted plant life perched somewhere. Growing seeds is a wonderful process for preschoolers to see all year round because it truly demonstrates that all things take time grow, and go through a process to mature.
In a world of fast food, microwave dinners and artificial whats-its, it's a nice reminder that through: patience, care and cultivation- good thing come to those who wait.

Fish Tank Growing

In all my years I have never been short of a fish tank. The kids use these for group growing projects all year long.
Come Spring and Summer we do catch and release of little insects and wiggly finds.

Classroom Jar Growing

Avocados take time to grow. I have the children take turns caring for them by changing the water supply regularly, and checking for sprouts.
The children may not ooodle over them, but they know their there and require care and love.

Paper Towel Growing
Preschoolers love this one. What could be simpler than wetting a paper towel, keeping it moist, and letting thee seeds take their course? The children love using a squirt bottle to freshen them up.

These are lemon seeds but any seed will do.

Growing in Cups
I avoid crafty projects when when I really want the children to experience the science of how things grow.
No stickers or wiggle eyes here, because it can sometimes take away from the organic beauty of nature.

Growing in Plastic Bags
This activity goes so smoothly and quickly the children will often forget they actually did it!

We found a remedy for that by having them water them daily with a squirt bottle and marking the growth with a black sharpie.

I never thought this idea would catch on with the children but it did when I suggested they name their sprouts.

This one is affectionately named, "Sugar Pie".
FYI: These definitely have a shelf life of about two weeks in the preschool room. After that 'Sugar Pie' won't live up to the sweet smell of her name....

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