Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids Space Alien Crafts

Space Themes was never one of my strongest areas for teaching young children. The kids I work with are so hands on and well....the stars are not something we can explore with the five senses. We use lots of real images of planets as well as adding a bit of fun and science in the mix.
The whole excitement about space is the mystery of it all.
We gather as many materials as possible and then have tons of fun with space aliens.
Without further ado, this an Honorable Mention Shout out to all the kid crafty aliens out there! If you have any to share as well please do with a back link to the site! Thanks again!

Silly Soap Box Space Aliens by Craft Jr. Good clean fun!

Water Bottle Top Space Creatures! Make them in a snap by: se7ven!

"Sprouts" The Space Alien by Free Kids Crafts! He'll grow on you!

"Space Blob Bob" by Make and Takes. Add some space juice and make him glow!

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