Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kids Newspaper Sun Hats

Have you ever had those activities where you just simply had to do them every time the season rolls around? Okay, twist my arm, the sun is out and the kids can now make their new paper sun hats!
I can show you a great  modification for the boys that will give it that cool-factor, too!

How to Make Kids Newspaper Sun Hats:
Materials Needed: 
  1. Tons of Newspaper (Have parent start saving)
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Had Picked Flowers (from a nature walk)
  4. Phone Books (Optional is you would like to make the flowers)

The Process:
We do this in a small group activity so have the children standing and gathered around the the child that will go first.
  1. Have all the children drape large opens sheets of newspaper over the child's head. We tell them to be sure we can't see their face or head! The children love this part because they play peek-a-boo, and 'Guess-who' under the newspaper.
  2. I wrap a strip of making take around the child's head two or three times, once we have all smoothed down the newspaper. It is best to start about where the child's eyes are so be sure to hold them close to you during this process. We forewarn them it the tape will sound a bit loud but we are all looking out for them! We even have the group hold the child's hands to steady them because they won't be able to see for a few seconds.
  3. As a group we begin rolling up the loose newspaper up the the masking tape strip while it's still on the child's head. Ah, at last! Now they can see and have a wonderful new sun hat!
  4. Pix from Folding Tree!
  5. Flowers: We use old phone books for the flowers of these hats. This project can go on for quite some time decorating them! We actually have a hat parade for the parents so we don't mind taking our time. If you decide to paint them be sure to allow a few days to completely dry.
  6. Modifications for the Boys: While some boys didn't care for the same look the girls had, they did come up with a clever idea. The Fire Hat! We used the same process but didn't roll the back part of the hat and trimmed it to square it off. Kind of a paper mullet look, but paint it red and you have that cool-factor both boys and girls love.


Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

I love these hats! Maybe even Easter bonnets? Yes the marbled eggs would be great for a color lesson! Why not?

Unknown said...

Hey, Lady! I am using this and the flower activity on my post "Trashy Tuesday" today! :) Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbra! We loved these hats and featured them at our blog {Fancy Newspaper Hats | MPM School Supplies Blog}. We were sure to give proper photo credit and a link to your site, but we'd love for you to take a look at our feature and, if there are any problems, we'll be certain to take the article down immediately!

Thanks so much!
Kayla Johnson

Unknown said...

loving this! really fun
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing baby sun hats, i'll be watching your posts