Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids Crafts from Recycled TP Rolls

Who doesn't have tons of TP rolls laying around? I thought I would give an Honorable Mention shout out to some of the best ideas we have found out there for TP roll crafts. They kids will love them, parents will keep them, and you can finally clear out that huge box of them on the shelf!

Make a silly monster from recycled TP rolls.

Why wait for Halloween?

There are quite few more craft ideas for tp rolls on here, too! Love it!

Get buggy over this idea at Homeschool Creations

For my "Things That Fly" unit. Thanks Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

I Can Teach My Child teaches us a thing or two about penguins
For when they're caught being good! Thanks sugardoodle!
Make you favorite characters or family members into finger puppets!
All the buzz-zz-zzzzzz on John Deere Mom


Unknown said...

Have you checked out tpcrafts blog? She has some super cute ideas!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

I am so there...right now. Thanks Ms. Jessi!