Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Four Leaf Clover Kids Craft

For the Four Leaf Craft be sure to have plenty of green paper or foam on hand. this is one of those projects where they just don't stop at one!
Materials You Will Need:
Sheets of green construction paper or foam
Tape or staplers
Rubber bands
Green sequins of jewels (optional)
White glue of a hot glue gun
Ribbon (optional)
The Process: Instruct the children to create folds in the paper (length-wise)  of foam about five times and start cutting along the folds. This will create long even strips. Allow the children to tape/staple together individual heart shapes from the strips. Once that is done they may adhere the strips by touching all the points of the hearts together in threes or fours. Fasten a rubber band for hanging and add bows for decoration.
We have hot glued a sequin in the center for a special bit of bling!
Extensions: Instead of a rubber band you can add thematic ribbon and by popular 'wee ones' demands I must suggest green glitter (sigh).

I really think I should get stock in this stuff!

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