Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ten Fabulous Fall Leaf Activites For Kids!

Take advantage of these ten fabulous fall leaf ideas for kids! Whether you work in a classroom or are looking to keep a little one busy; these ideas will surely warm up the chilly days of Fall!

Ten Fall Leaf Activities to Look Forward to This Season:
1. Make a leaf compost for a garden!
2. Make a lovely fall wreath by painting a shaped paper plate with orange glue paint. The more leaves the better!
3. Make a leaf collection to display. We love to have the children create a graph and we work to categorize them by shapes and colors!
4. Go on a fall nature walk to crate a leaf bouquet. We love to wrap our bouquets in orange and yellow tissue paper and tie them off with raffia bows or corn husks. Many fall leaves are very fragrant and the children are always excited to give them as gifts!
5. Use contact paper or packing tape and seal the leaves inside to make a special book mark. Adding bits of fall confetti or stickers add a special touch!
6. Create leaf rubbings! Place them under white paper and use the edge of a crayon to shade them in. It's an instant masterpiece even for very young children to try.
7. How about raking up a pile and simply jumping in! A great way to get the wiggles out as well as laugh with all your friends.
8. Make a fall collage with leaves, sticks, and corn husks on a small sheet of tag board. We add to it throughout the week as the children cut out fall images from magazines. Got a story to tell? When the project is finished be sure to take dictation from them about their beautiful fall art.
9. Feeling really crafty? How about decoupaging fall leaves on a votive glass to make special gifts for the holidays.
10. Make your own fall leaf print handkerchiefs. Simply cut squares on muslin fabric from a fabric store (very inexpensive). Lay the fresh picked leaves in a pattern on the floor and place the fabric over it. Now gently pound the leaves with a mallet and the colored moisture from the leaves will show through on the hanky! Yes, it's washable but avoid 'bleaching' the lovely colors by using a color safe bleach detergent.

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