Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simple Yarn Kid Crafts For Fall!

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Making a mini yarn pumpkin is such a simple craft-this one is from Marie at! The preschoolers had a blast making them as a table top center and it required very little teacher assistance. We enjoyed making red and green apples as well since they are such similar shapes! These are great for fall or preschool curriculum revolving around food and nutrition!

How to make simple yarn kid crafts:
Materials: Scissors, orange yarn, brown and green pipe cleaners.
Procedure: Have the children wrap their two to four fingers with yarn, like so. Be sure to give them plenty of yarn to work with!
Gently remove it from your fingers tying it off if you feel you might loose the hole in the center created by your fingers.
Insert a brown pipe cleaner (cut in half), center it within the pumpkin by matching up the ends and firmly twist. Add one more small length of green pipe cleaner within the brown and carefully curl the ends.
Don't forget to use different colors of yarn in fall colors! They will be a big hit with the children!

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