Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of us

I loved playing on the floor as a kid. Some of my favorite places were behind the couch and under the dining room table. Every now and then when I am vacuuming behind the couch I have this cozy feeling. I like that.
It's not often but if I get a proper opportunity I will play with kids on the floor. Sometimes I look up and see parents watching me, smiling. For some reason the kids have assigned me a plastic lion and I am told to "do the cool voice with it".
One busy afternoon  and I was subbing in the Pre-K Room with the team teacher, Ms. Lisa.  As I prepared for lunch I saw the kids approaching Ms. Lisa as she began to shake her head in confusion saying, "What is that game? How do you play it?"
"You know...come on!" Was all I heard the kids respond.
Ms. Lisa and the gaggle of kids finally approached me with toys in tow.
"Hey Ms. Barbra, do you know how to play the game the kids are talking about?" She said scratching her head.
"Hmmmmm." I smiled, "What's it called?"
"One of us!" The gaggle chimed.
"One of us?"
"You know, you played it before!" One said with an accusing a tone; arms akimbo.
"Hmmm. Show me." I challenged.
Immediately, the gaggle pulled me down to the floor and handed me a plastic lion.
"Oh yeah!" Ms. Lisa said. "Down there we are one of them!"

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