Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Look

You know the look. If your a parent or a teacher that has this down you can stop certain behaviors in kids before it gets out of hand. I think it takes a bit of experience to acquire this.
I remember many years back it all began for me. I was tested and tried by the kids and eventually earned this honor. It was like putting little ones on pause, or something. I had wondered what I looked like so I gave my "look" in the mirror back at myself. Quite frankly I didn't see what the big deal about it was, but I began to worry if my newly acquired skills were frightening kids into submission. I did at least, until one day I was chatting with a co worker at lunch who coincidentally brought it up.
"Hey, Barb, remember when your mom or dad gave you that 'look' and you immediately stopped what your did?" Sharon said unwrapping her chicken salad.
"Boy, do I." I laughed.
"The 'look' never really worked for my mom but it sure did for my dad." She smiled.
"Wait, what do you mean? Why only for your dad?"
"Hmmm. Well, I suppose because my mom and I had a different relationship. My dad I just couldn't, well.."
"What? What?" I pressed.
"Well...." She began pouring dressing on each lettuce leaf, "I just never wanted to disappoint him."

Try checking out your "Look". We would love to hear what your "Look" looks like...


Montessori on Mars said...

Barbra! How I missed you! And I was just thinking about "the look" these days. Haha! I was wondering what my face looks like when I stop presenting and then suddenly all the children at circle also stop whispering amongst themselves. I should see in the mirror, too!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

LOL! I missed you ,too, Mars! How have you been?
So you have the look, too, huh? Comes in handy doesn't it?
In the mirror My Look is I tilt my head slightly and open my eyes a bit wider. I think it looks like a surprised nerdy look...Hmmm, it works so I'll keep it!

Cheeseboy said...

Oh yeah, I have the first grade teacher "look" mastered. Only took me 7 years.

Jenni said...

Ah, the look! Yes, I have it! What's amazing to me about the look is EVERY CHILD knows the look. It can be a brand new child, a child in the store, or a child who has developed a relationship with matter the child, it just takes "the look" and they suddenly stop and rethink their actions...on occasion, they still continue...but cautiously. Most of the time the look comes out when they are doing something unsafe or disrespectful to others, so slowing an action down is all it takes (oh, and it comes out with the whining! oh it stops whining in its tracks!)

Amazingly, I find that many teachers haven't mastered the art of "the look". Some newer teachers, but even some seasoned teachers...I wonder why that is.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, Jenni. A newer teacher or perhaps one with a bit less experience. Then again, who really knows. Sometimes "The Look" is used when nothing is going on and other times it's not used when it probably should. I think knowing where and when to use it comes with experience....

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hey cheese boy, I must appologize for the look not working. Perhaps if more of us preschool teachers used it kids would know it when they see it....Can someone do a class on this or something?