Friday, July 23, 2010

Homemade Ribbon Dance for Kids

What is it about ribbons, anyway? Well, not just ribbons....anything kids can wave around in the air and dance and jump with. When I was a kid my grandmother gave us a bunch of old scarves to play with. You couldn't convince me what I had wasn't pure gold!
Turns out they are used in many cultures as well! Native American Dances, and it's even an featured in the Olympics!
I found some great ribbons to buy but making our own economical ribbons can be just as fun!

Making Homemade Ribbons for Kids:
Materials Needed: Assorted colored lengths of ribbons (optional),Colored curling ribbons (the kind we use for gift wrapping). Remember, the longer the lengths the better, Plastic six pack soda can holders, scissors, inspirational kids dancing CD.
Process: Cut soda can holders loose into small round circles (these will be your handles), Tie fabric ribbons and curling ribbon with curled and some ribbons left straight ribbons to your soda can holder circles. Make as  many as you need! Kids like one for each hand!
The Procedure: Put on a music CD and get moving with them! Don't forget to make a pair for yourself!

What kind of vaariations would you add? Let us know your favorite kids music CD is!

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