Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cooking Projects in Early Childhood Education

“The belly rules the mind.” ~Spanish Proverb

I love doing cooking projects with preschoolers. I often get chances to ask them what foods they like, dislike….you know, check out what they know about nutrition. I get great curriculum ideas just from talking to my children-but I really like to find out where they are at first.
That’s the best part of my job.
Here are some responses to what I’ve asked them regarding;

What favorite food do you like to eat?
“My favorite food is cow.”
“Mine is Hang-gabbers.” (Hamburgers, I believe)
“My favorite animal is hot dog”

What kind of food is bad for you?
“Blue meat is bad for you.”
“Dead things is-a bad for you.”
“Bad breath is bad for you.”
“When I am out of my candies…that’s bad.”
"Eatting stuffs that falled off the floor."

How do you make Egg Foo Young?
“You get a baby egg and foo it.” 

    What do you like to cook with kids?                                               

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