Sunday, February 21, 2010

Obama on Early Childhood Education

"Children are not stupid, if they show up at school and start feeling that they are behind-over time that leads them to push away from education because it's embarrassing to them...."
~Barack Obama

What Mr. Obama said really made me think about how and why I put in so much extra time into children, the families, and the curriculum...why I do what I do.
I keep thinking....I can do more....
I guess that's what keeps many of us going for so long.


Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Hey Barbie,

That was really a nice video. I could relate to President Obama as I remember being in a first grade class and it was my turn to read but I could not. I was so embarassed. Why did my parents not teach me these things. It was just horrible and I did struggle in school my entire life. I don't have much discipline in that area.

Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Cont part 2:

It took me about 9 years to get my AA and at 46 I'm still on my BA LOL. I would not even have my High School GED if it were not for my pastors wife who said your smart enough take the test. I learned the hard way that there are different types of learners. Some can just hear instructions, some need to see and have a demonstration and some need to hear, see and have you guide them as they do it. This is a three phase teaching technique and I think it really works well.

Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Cont Part 3:

In they teach about the 7 forms of intelligence and it's quite eye opening to understand we all have different stregnths. My teacher told me I would never be good in math and that it would hinder my life. He was wrong. School was horrible for me because my father was an alholic and my mother was dealing with emotional issues from abuse as a kid. So they were dealing with their own issues and did not spend time with me. My mother did not do homework with me and I was on my own. Today thank God, I went through the lifeskills and You Are a CEO courses and found out I am smart and can learn anything I so desire but I must use goal setting and planning tools to study and manage my time so I dont feel over whelmed in school.

I lastly think parents need more training with how to educate their children and on discipline styles. I see so many parents who can handle their kids and this makes teaching them much more work for teachers.

Have a blessed Day.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

I never would have known that about you Julie. Wow.
When I got my AA I boasted I got my 4-year degree...because it took me four years to get it! I am really hard on myself...I didn't even go to my college graduation because I felt I should have done better and finished on time.
That and I still had a mullet.
I used to get A's in math until one day I bought into the idea that boys are better than girls in math.
I started failing. The mind is a powerful thing...
When I started learning about the 7 intelligences I learned that art is a skill and that includes math...geometry is in art, I do rock after all.
We are all's just a matter of finding out how and where.
That's everyone's job that knows something about anything-if a child goes to school unprepared and feeling embarrassed that really hurts me. That really should touch everyone is someway...because no one likes to embarrassed.