Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keep Trying

“It's frustrating when you know all the answers,
but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.”

“Guess what I am thinking about?”
“Um…nuclear radiation in outer space?”
“No! No! No! You never guess-ed…and I know the answer!”
“Sorry, Kevin….but you still have to take a nap.”
“Okay….I’ll try again with you-s when I waked up.”
“Thank you for your patience with me, Kevin.”
“You’re welcome, Ms. Barbra.”


Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Kids are so funny. How do they learn to be so crafty? They are born that way and I do think they learn from us. We want what we want. The You Are a CEO Program talks about wanting things now in their In and Out Cash Management program and like a kid who does not want to take a nap us adults don't always want to do the things we should - sleep, exercise or manage our finances. However we must set the right examples for children and just hopefully some of the good stuff we do will rub off on them. I always enjoy your blog Ms. Barbara and it was fun to work out with you the other day. Sorry if we killed you on the treadmill or with the medicine ball. Lets do it again. Huggs

Barbra The Bloggess said...

So true, Julie. I am excited about In & Out Cash Management Systems launch soon. There is nothing like it out there!
Setting kids up for success means a great foundation for life as adults.
One generation plants a tree...the other gets the shade (Chinese Proverb)
We can teach kids to be the CEO's of their life now....