Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bounce Back

“What is success? It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins.”
~Gene Fowler

Never failed…I was the kid at the birthday party who’s balloon popped first. I was a “crier” too. I mean…I took it hard. I guess I bonded with that balloon or something.
Now at kids birthday parties I grab an extra bag of balloons- you know- just in case someone’s balloon pops…..balloon empathy, I guess.
I like to set up kids for success. I also can appreciate them working out situations for themselves….it can be a delicate balance at times.
I try not to roll too far to the right or the left….but float right in the middle-you get the best view from there.
I prefer to use a sense of humor to bounce ideas off the kids for curriculum….it works most days. Some days…they like it nice and quiet.
Being a ‘big person’ in a room full of ‘little kids’ is no small thing. Knowing their pulse is part of everyone’s success.
I always love once the magic of communication happens and is established between myself and the kids. It’s a lot like a toy balloon…and it’s frail-so I must be mindful of my words. But once it gets going it bounces joyfully from every angle…
And we can watch it bounce back.

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