Monday, January 4, 2010

The Honorable Mention: Kids Learning How To Go Green!

 “I find I always have to write something on a steamed mirror.”
~Elaine Dundy

Children were huffing and puffing on the frosty window and writing the alphabet with their fingertips. ‘Pricilla’, ‘the class reporter’, often reports mischief and any rule breaking going on in the class… has been my experience that every class has one-they can be a blessing and……..not…….one. Depending on whose perspective, I suppose. Normally I would ‘strategically position’ myself by them but I thought this would be an interesting scenario. I knew this particular group could handle themselves…I moved in just close enough to listen in on the conversation. This is how it went:
Pricilla: “You kids better stop writing on the window! You are only a-posed to write on paper! I’m telling!”
The three children looked at one another confused.
“What are you talkin’ bout Pricilla? It’s a window.” One child said.
“Yeah.” Another child chimed in.
Pricilla held her ground, “You’re only a-posed to write on paper, the teacher said!”
“Well we are saving paper by writing on the window-so there!” One child said as he continued to write on the window.
Pricilla put her nose up and walked over to the art area. She began to write on a piece of paper and taped it over the window. It read:


Anonymous said...

That takes me back to writing with my fingers on steamed up windows during long car trips.

Pricilla will work in a company some day, sending out paper memos to all employees telling them to send out less memos. Seriously, in her own way, she shows that she's a leader who's willing to take advice. Maybe she'll be a good president.

Edie Parrott said...

So cute!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Thank you for your comments Theresa & Edie. At closing circle time we made sure to recall this senerio and I asked the children to share with us what happened regarding the note. No one had 'hard feeling', of course. We are all learning about "Going Green" in the process...