Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kids Crafty Bottle Bird Feeder

Materials list for the Kids Crafty Bird Feeder
  1. Empty Liter Bottles with Lids
  2. Bulk Wooden Spoons (Available at the Dollar Store)
  3. Bulk Wild Bird Seed
  4. Scissors
  5. Sharpie Marker
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Small Eye Hook Screw(s) (Enough for each lid)
  8. Twine or yarn
  9. A nice shade tree with sturdy branches

The Process
Teacher Prep: Use a sharpie and mark two sections per spoon you would like to have them placed. Make sure your "entrance and exit" Sharpie marks are parallel to one another. After you punch small holes in the marks with the tip of your scissors, place one more just above one of the holes. This third hole will disperse seed in the bowl of the spoon.
Get the lid, and screw in the eye hook in the center of the lid. Make sure it's secure.

The Kids Part: Give the children the wooden spoon(s) and allow them to figure out how to put them through the proper holes. This is a great fine motor exercise. When they are finished have them clip a piece of masking tape to cover the 'third seed dispensing hole'.

Allow the children to fill the bottle with the seed and place the lid on top. They will place a length of twine through the whole and tie it.
We love to go out as a group and pick our branches to tie them to. It's then that we take the tape off and allow the bowl of the spoons to fill with seed.

Be sure to get a camera. The kids love to show their families proof that the birds came!

Bird picture found on Facebook from All it Takes is a Can Opener & Crockpot.


Unknown said...

Very nice, Barbra. This will be my project tomorrow! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks again, Mars! Let us know how it goes. :)