Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Make a Kids Homemade Jump Rope

With budget cut going the way they are it think it's about time teachers like us show off our Recession Chic skills. After all, gone are the days of petty cash and budgets.

I want to thank Simple Kids Crafts for this easy peisy-lemon-squeezy video. I used to make these homemade jump ropes as a kid, myself. One extra tip I would like to add it to soak the rope on warm water for a few seconds after you make it. It will not only weigh down the rope, but straighten out those annoying kinks.

Materials to Make a Kids Homemade Jump Rope

  • A long length of rope (It is better to cut it longer and adjust the size after you cut)
  • Two thin yogurt containers (just make sure the size comfortably fits in the child's hand)
  • Strong sharp scissors

Procedure: Remove the labels from the plastic bottles and pierce the center of the bottom of each one.  Cut a long length of rope, usually three or four arms lengths (depending on the size of the child) and place the rope through the holes. Be sure to tie off each end and pull it taught.
You can adjust the length of the rope by tying off the knotted ends in different places.


Theresa Milstein said...

What a cool idea. If the kids have a part in making these, they'll enjoy them even more.

Unknown said...

I totally agree about having the kids have a part! The do everything but the scissors...and somehow, they always ask to do the parts that could be dangerous. I still haven't figured a way to get them to do the whole thing safely. If anyone has any ideas, that would be excellent!