Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homemade Kids Math Activities

I try to never fight a child's natural inclination towards nature. By playing into their natural curiosity it has made for wonderful and economic classroom materials. Kids math activities don't have to be expensive. I have always loved bringing as much nature into the classroom as possible!

Materials You Will Need:
  1. Polished Rocks
  2. White Paint Pen
  3. Small bags or simple plastic containers

Note: I personally like to purchase small individual bags for the children to have as group math activities. There is something about having materials of their own to use. It was just so economical I couldn't resist! OF course it can also be made as a wonderful  shared math activity, as well.

Rock Dominoes @
Here is How to Make Homemade Kids Math Activities From Rocks:

The Process: Draw numbers and  the matching specific numbers of dots on each of the rocks. The Paint Pen allows for plenty of fingers handling it as well as occasional touch ups once the math has been loved off of it. I usually put numbers on one side and the corresponding dots on the other.

The Procedure: Once they have dried, place them all in mini bags for the math activities!

We found some other creative links for rock activities such as Mod Podge Rocks! 'Love Rocks' by Amy. Brilliant and great for matching and serration!

There are so many great ways to make children's math activities.
What ways are you Recession Chic in your classroom?


Kate @ An Everyday Story said...

Love this! Like you I try to use as many different natural resources as I can with my 22 month old son. We have used shells and pebbles for counting, sticks for sorting sizes, sand and dirt and water for any number of sensory adventures. There are so many toys out there but I always find the ones my little guy is always drawn to are the seed pods and the pieces of bark we have collected from the park. They must just feel better. And they are completely free! Couldn't ask for more :)

Barbra The Bloggess said...

I think that's excellent, Kate. Not only is it teaching math, but incorporating a love and wonder of nature! Thanks!

Unknown said...

This is a very cool, fun and unique activity! It helps the children learn the numbers and different ways to think about them. It also creates a cool design for the rocks, good job!