Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Easy Luminaries for Preschoolers

Winter Luminaries make great gifts and are so versatile. This open ended craft can be done in so many adorable ways it is almost unfair to post it only in November. But since we will be doing it this month with the preschoolers we'll be sure to let you know all the different way you can use them.

Materials for your Super Easy Luminaries:

  • Tissue Paper
  • 1 part glue and water solution in cups
  • Paint brushes
  • Baby food jars
  • Tea lights
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

Procedure: After cutting or tearing the selected colors of tissue paper chosen, have the children carefully brush the glue solution on the jars. While the solution is still tacky, position papers on the jars. Brush over once more with glue solution and sprinkle with glitter. When the jar is completely dry place the tea light inside.

Some great extensions and options for the holidays are:
Floral Luminaries  
Paint with diluted white paint and glue. Use assorted dries flowers and leaves for spring time and Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wrapping Paper Luminaries
Paint with glitter glue and scraps of wrapping paper or pictures from magazines any time of year. Create themed projects for birthday or holiday quick gift ideas everyone will love!

Whatever the holiday, make it your own by being creative! We would love to hear about your ideas and crafts!

Got five minutes, and some fabulous fabrics? Well you're ready to made some really adorable tea light luminaries!


Anonymous said...

Is the paper on the outside or the inside of the jar?

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi jayhox,
The outside of the jar. :)