Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spider Treat Pouches for Kids

These adorable spider treat pouches are fun and easy to make with young and older kids. They are great if you are doing an unit on bugs or for a Halloween Party favor. Here is what you'll be needing.

How to Make Spider Treat Pouches:
Materials: (For each child) one paper plate, paint brush, black tempera paint in a cup, stapler, wiggle eyes or two white circles, four pipe cleaners (black), long length of yarn (for pouch strap), glue, scissors, sugar free candies, one crayon (any color)
What's Next:
Day 1: Have children paint the entire paper plate black and cut out white circles for eyes. Allow the plate to dry and glue on the eyes. Don't forget to add eye color to them with your crayon!
Day 2: Cut pipe cleaners in half and staple them on the ends of the paper plate. Curl them in any position you like. Fold your painted plate in half and place a long length of yarn though the middle, add a staple to hold it in place. Gently add a few sugar free candies on the inside of the spider pouch and staple it shut all along the outside rim. The spider pouch will be completely sealed. Now tie the yarn together to make a handle! Voila!
Extension: You can cut an opening in the top of the spider pouch so kids have immediate access to the treats but we like to keep it closed until they are ready to go home.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

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