Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Messy in The Preschool Classroom

Is 'messy' okay in your classroom?
Is it okay to be messy in preschool? More and more preschools are eliminating sandboxes and creating policies that save on clothing, carpets, and the overall tidy look of a classroom.
Is what's good for classroom aesthetics really good for preschoolers?
Why or why not?


Ms. Jessi said...

I think you know my answer to that! :) My motto: If your child is not "messy" by the end of the day, they probably didn't do anything. In our parent packet I put a note stating: ONLY PLAY CLOTHES BEYOND THIS POINT, because even when we wear smocks, we still do get messy. Each parent has to sign that sheet.
How else are children going to learn how to clean up after themselves? :)

Barbra Stephens said...

We think that's awesome, Ms Jessi! Letting parent know before hand and making it a part of the contract!
Mistakes young children make ARE messy. Learning from that is key.

Dan Gurney said...

Making messes is all part of the process of creating things. The other part is putting things back in order. It's a dance: making messes and cleaning them up. They go together, and they better be part of each day. The fictional Ms. Frizzle would say, "Get messy! Make mistakes!" The complementary sayings are, "Clean up! Take care!" They're all part of the process of learning.

Dan Gurney said...

Ms. Frizzle used to say, "Get messy! Make mistakes!" The rest of the story is, "Clean up! Take care!" Together these admonitions make for a good learning environment.

Michelle said...

Getting messing is so important for a preschooler. It gives them the chance to take risks, to experiment, to talk, problem solve, and learn likes and dislikes. A muddy or dirty kid is a happy kid, one that has learned, been engaged, and is probably pretty worn out. I encourage parents to look for a preschool with paint splatters on the wall, marker on the table, and children with hands stained from fingerpainting... that is where your child will learn what they need to know for kindergarten.

jenny said...

Don't stress the mess :) Our kids play in the mud, in the dirt, in the rain: they paint and glue and dig and draw - mess is just a natural by product of play!