Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creative Ways to Display Artwork in the Classroom

Give their artwork presence and poise!
 Hook and Eye Artwork Displays

Clip your preschool art in the classroom neatly on a wire with this Star Art Cable System ($39 at Or, string a line of picture wire between two nails and clip art pieces with mini clothes pins to hold artwork in place.

On a tight budget? Get the same effect with twine, hook and eye screws and clothes pins!  Love it for the classroom with creative preschoolers that keep the artwork coming! Sometimes we even use it as a vertical drying rack!

 Cluster Artwork Displays

Got art in all different sizes? Try mounting them on colored construction paper and overlapping them for a clustered effect.
To avoid a cluttered look be sure to mount all artwork flush and level to the wall
When you matte the pieces, be sure to use colors complimentary to the artwork.
It does take a bit of time but it's well worth the effort and families are sure to notice!


Get binders and date and save childrens artwork in plastic sleeves. These are great to bring along at parent teacher conferences!

Mural Art Displays

Murals have a great impact int the classroom! They can add so much color and life to a classroom when displayed properly. Give it a place of honor on a blank wall and mount it flush to the wall securing it with staples or tape (on the underside of the artwork).
We love to use colored masking take around the edges to create a framed look.

Framed Artwork Displays
Create a wish list for parents to donate unused light weight frames. Plastic instead of glass is the best but if we choose to hang the art work at the child's eye level we simply remove the glass.
Many art stores are willing to donate matting that is slightly flawed from custom pieces. Just ask the framing department and be sure to tell them what it's for. 

Vertical Artwork Displays
How about narrow wall spaces in your classroom?
No problem. Try the same hook eye screws with colored twine but mount the children's artwork vertically as opposed to horizontally.

How about you? What creative tips could you share with us that well all could use?


LeeanneA said...

I love the portfolio idea - that would be nice for visitors to peek through! I like to frame pictures and hang them - looks so nice!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Thanks LeeanneA/KMullally, I found you on facebook! Following! :)