Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young Children and Insecurities

Some fears are imagined. But no matter how small,
a little reassurance can go a long way!

Young children can have fears or insecurities that are real or imagined. No matter how small it may seem to us, worries like these can really weigh on our little ones. So how do we put their fears and insecurities at ease? Here are some tried and true tips from teachers and families that work!

Tried and True Tips That Help Young Children Manage Their Insecurities and Fears:
1. There are many books you can read to kids or older children can read that help kids cope. Ask a librarian for kids books on a specific topic or check them out online.
Celebrate kids unique talents and skills!
2. Do you remember a time when you felt afraid or insecure when you were the child's age? What did you do? Sometimes talking about real life experiences with kids puts them at ease.
3. Helping a child begin to feel secure in their own abilities really empowers them. Everyone has talents, skills and intelligences that are unique to them. Talk about them and celebrate them.
4. Not all kids that have insecurities are insecure. Life happens and can get a bit overwhelming at times. Spending regular family time or special group time where everyone can simply talk about what we're thinking often gets a friendly conversation going.
5. With persistent insecurities it may be best to limit kids exposure to television/movies with dramatic or violent content. Going out on picnic or to the park are relaxing casual events that help ease every one's nerves.

What do you do to help our little ones manage their fears?


Ann said...

I have a question and hopefully this is where I should ask it. I have a daycare child that is worried about what time he is going to get picked up. The pick up time does vary but not by much. I guess at school he asks often who and when will he be picked up from daycare. The child's mom and I have talked and we are not sure how to fix this. In preschool he was worried about WHO was going to pick him up and then last year (Kindergarten) and now he worries about WHEN. He has been in my care after school for about a week now. Any suggestions>?????? He is well behaved and gets along with the other kids....he asks about every 15 minutes when he will get picked up....

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi Ann, this is a common problem. I there are clearly trust issues hear and a bit of anxiety.
The importance is to have a casual attitude in acknowledging his fears.
You can try creating a personal book for him of pictures of family and friends. Let him put a sticker on the person that will be picking him up and allow him to carry it with him. Show him the (clock)and time of closing time. Let him know he will be picked up before the clock touches those numbers.
Try refocusing his attention by giving him attention: Ask the parent what activities he does like to do and add them to your curriculum, talk to him frequently and let him create a bond with his caregiver through open communication and praise. This is a critical time and you will want this to be a pleasant time for everyone while he adjusts. :)
PS: I will also post your question on our Facebook page so you can get more ideas and information!

Unknown said...

Hello. My son has issues with bullies at school. Especially ones that tell him what to do. How can I help him to stand up for himself without him being rude about it? My other question is, his best friend doesn't want to be his friend anymore. How do I help him.