Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Teacher Ideas for Back to School Month!

Making the transition back to school can be fun and exciting for children and families. By promoting a sense of community in the beginning of the school year we create and atmosphere for comfort and friendship for both new and returning families!

Great Ideas for Back to School Month:
The Bagel Bash: Have children make invitations for a bagels or treats at a local park. We like to meet up on a convenient weekend and set up a nice picnic area for parents and families to gather and get to know one another. We have also done it potluck style and created a list!
Smooth Sailing for back to
school month starts with a plan!
The Popcorn Party: Invite families and kids to a popcorn party with punch. Kids a great informal way to sit and have a chat with family and kids.
The Pancake Breakfast: This worked so well for us we did it every month! Have parents and kids come a bit earlier to school for a pancake breakfast. Families sit and talk with the children and one another before they go off to work!

What do you like to do for parents and children during back the to school month?


Jenni said...

Great ideas! I will be using some of these as I start my new job and get to know the new families and staff. I haven't ever worked in places that have a definitive start or stop date so I pretty much have times during the year that get everyone together.

My favorite? A pajama-literacy night where everyone comes in pajamas after hours and we enjoy hot chocolate and popcorn while a teacher (usually me) reads a story. Afterwards, we have all sorts of activities set up that relate to the story and engage the parents with their children!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Awe..thanks, Jenni! Congratulations on your new job! Pajamas are a great idea. It give s sense of casualness and fun!