Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make Matching and Math Games with Buttons

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I have always had various sizes and shapes of buttons laying around long after the blouses have disappeared. The kids absolutely love playing with left over buttons. Here is a great way to make special tailored matching and math games for kids!
How to Make Games With Buttons For Kids
Materials Needed: Xerox machine, lots of various buttons, Ziploc baggies, paper, markers, small cups or bowl.
Procedure: Arrange 10-12 buttons randomly or in a pattern on the Xerox machine and copy. Number your copy and collect all the buttons in a Ziploc. Be sure to put the matching number on the bag. This way you will know which button bag goes with which paper copy. Keep repeating until you have a desired amount of matching games. You may wish to laminate them!
The Process: Some paper copies you may choose to number with a colorful marker and others you may not. Kids match by shape, texture and size while using fine motor skills! Simply place paper copies in the table with a bowel or the matching buttons and let them go to work! Enjoy and have fun!
Extension: You can also color copy some papers so kids can also match by color. Kids also love tracing buttons to make interesting art! You can challenge them to see how many buttons they can use for a masterpiece!

We are always cautious of the ages and sizes of the buttons we allow the children to play with. Even kids long past the oral stage will put things in their little mouths. Please be sure to keep a watchful eye.

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