Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Outs in Early Childhood Education

Okay, I don't understand this time out thing. Maybe because I'm not very good at it. You see, I have been guilty of sending a child to the time out chair forgetting what the child did all together. 
Since then I have changed the way I do things. I'll never forget the conversation I had with a child the day I realized time outs simply weren't for me. Here's how it went....

"Do you know why you have been sitting here in a time out, Tony?" I asked Tony as he squirmed in his.
"No, I forget."
(Uh-oh, now what was it....what was it....oh yes, I remember!)
"You hit Shannon." I reminded myself.
"No I didn't."
"Tony, we all saw you."
"I didn't hit him, he hitted me back."
"I see, so now that you've been sitting here for five minutes, did you think of something you could have done?"
"Tell me, please."
"If I hitted him sooner I would be out of time out by now."
(Okay, I clearly left this child waa-a-aay too long-sigh)

So, What works for you-please let us know...


Debbie said...

Good post! I have never found the form of time out where a child is isolated to work. In fact time outs do not work at all in our home. We do better when we get down on Selena's level and discuss the situation, why it was not a good idea, discuss her feelings, etc. She has always just looked at time outs as another game to play.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi Debbie, you make a good point. I recall having to stay in close proximity to the child that was in time out for that very reason.
I noticed some kids just wanted attention and some time and didn't care if it was negative attention or not.
I figured, at least in this setting we can all get the attention we need and understand what is happening at the same time.....

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! We call it "think time" in our school and we send them to each other's classroom. When I get a think timer, about 45% of the time, they have no idea why they are there.

I think the best benefit of it is to allow the teacher a chance to calm down and regroup without the kid in the room.

Thanks for stopping by. This is my kind of blog (obviously). I am your newest follower.

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Hi Cheeseboy,lol, I prefer my blog with cheese, too.
Think time, huh? Goodness gravy.....
It would probably be better to schedual in 'think time' and let the kids know they will be going to different rooms for the teacher to think, lol.
I suggest they read your blog during their think time....