Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pasta Authoritarian

"I think kids like spaghetti because it they need lots of adult attention when they eat it."

I often wonder exactly how kids come up with some of their notions. I was sharing some pasta the preschoolers cooked with an older sibling of one of my kids. He took it upon himself to give the kids some insight about pasta. He loves to be an authority on anything we are doing in the preschool because he has an adoring throng. Here's how it went:
"Hey, kids! You guys made this pasta?
Everone one answered in unicine with mouthfulls of spaghetti."Yeeee-ah."
"Cool. Did you know pasta comes from Italy?"
"What's Ital-ly?" One preschooler asked.
"It's where they make pasta." He explained. "There are to kinds of pasta, you know."
"Two? What two?"
"Pasta and anti-pasta"
"What's anti-pasta?" another child asked.
"One is like spaghetti and one comes with a salad."
"Oooooo-hhhh." Said the preschoolers.
"But don't eat pasta and anti-pasta together, you know why?
"Why?" Said the group wide eyed.
"You won't be hungry if you eat them together."

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