Saturday, May 22, 2010


Skipping is just jumping for joy, step after step."
~Jessi Lane Adams

It's impossible to skip and not smile at yourself. It seems like it's a built in reflex or something. Kids are naturally wiggly, fidgety, and a bit bouncy. I suppose we all can feel that way at times; you know, that nervous energy that makes the mind refuse to sit still.
When I see kids skipping I love to join in.
Skipping for me is a lot like life. You go up, down, even bounce around.
But through it all I can't help but smile....


Julie Parker, Social Media Executive said...

Oh Barb, I have to admit it but I feel like a kid when I skip. I don't do it all the time but when I do I feel fantastically funny.

I also love to run just anywhere

I think being in your body and acting like a kid helps you connect with the child in your life.

I don't see any reason not to connect with our inner child...

Sunday, there was an adorable motherless child looking for a dollar (for a soda I assume) I only had a 20 but told her to get my bag and get change.

I did not know here that well but I know her single father and wanted to let her know that she has mothers in her life.

After she got her soda she returned and sat down by me.

We chatted and I have to say it was the best dollar I ever spent.

She is quirky-adorable and I'd love to take her to the park and play.

Lets give of ourselves to the developing minds who need our hearts.


Barbra The Bloggess said...

I'm willing to bet she loved the time she spent with you more than the soda....but hey, put a scoop of ice cream in it and I'll run, skip, hop any day with you!
Kidding...kind of
I like what you said about giving of yourself. Kids interpret the time we spend with them as caring....Thanks, Julie! You are such a special person!