Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood Education

“I don't have to ‘attend’ every
argument I'm invited to.”

I overheard two children arguing in the reading area of the classroom. Normally I keep an ear open but by the shrill sound of one of their voices I knew trouble was bubbling like a seething cauldron.
A sat down casually with them and listened in on the argument.
“….oh yes she was!”
"Um-possible, um-possible, um-possible with sugar on top!"
“Boys?” They turned and finally noticed me. “Your voices are too loud. Tell me what the problem is, Jeffery.”
“Marko says you weren’t in my dream last night, Ms. Barbra…but you WERE, tell him!”
(Hmmmmmmm. I looked into his soft brown eyes…now what?)
“So….Marko….(ahem)……(AHEM). Why don’t you believe Jeffery?”
Marko shook his head, “It’s um-possible.”
“What’s impossible?”
“Teachers sleep at school…so how could you be in his dream? Marko explained.
“I see.” I said.
Now we were all thinking… got very quiet.
“Yes, Ms. Barbra?”
“Well…you both are my friends. I really don’t want you both to fight about this. If Jeffery says he dreamed about me, then I believe him.”
“Oh….. all right….” Marko smiled.
“Thanks buddy.” Jeffery said.
I had to admit….I really didn’t know how that one was going to turn out. But I’m glad it’s okay…
Oh, and I didn’t correct them about certain ‘facts’-you noticed…
I kept the focus on them. They won’t go to college thinking I sleep at school…

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