Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 Star Preschool Tantrum

“Do not teach your children never to be angry; 
teach them how to be angry.”
~Lyman Abbott

Just when all the planets are aligned and twirling in their orbits…a blood curdling scream is heard in the corner of the room.
Jeffery is throwing a tantrum. A juicy, delicious five star tantrum meant to rock everyone’s spinal cords. Okay….all the children know the drill.
1.This is not an emergency…no blood, no foul.
2.Go back to what you were doing…smiles everyone-smiles.
3.Like a sneeze-we don’t need stare, point, or discuss it…
The teacher will handle it if it’s messy.
When we all work together I noticed the tantruming behavior becomes less and less….till it eventually stops within the classroom.
At circle times, children will often ask certain kids why they “kick on the floor” or make comments about that ‘type of behavior’. I find it very interesting. In a round about way they are letting them know that this is not the norm. Peer pressure can be good….
in some ways…

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Montessori on Mars said...

Another wise post and quote. Thanks, as always, Barbra.