Friday, January 15, 2010

A Spirited Child in Early Childhood Education

"They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds." ~Wilt Chamberlain

Anya is four going on forty and her parent called her a spirited child. She can not only write but recite her entire alphabet….to the chagrin of everyone around her- unfortunately.
Anya in the type of child if you were to tell her to “play” she would be utterly insulted. Everything must be…well, not only must it 'be'….must it must be just so….and not only just 'so'…it must be how she says so….ahem.
I loved the challenged. Yes…..Past Tense.
She was thrust into my lively preschool group upon her parent’s wishes. Amazing, the transformation that can take place when you allow a child to take some time to settle in…..
At first, all she insisted on doing was her alphabets. That was her comfort zone-her private space. I had the other children let her be till I saw she became interested in the room…this took time.
As spunky as she was, the kids in the class really wanted to get to know her. I stayed close and listened in on the conversations as they spoke to her.
They finally won her over….Here’s how the final ice breaking conversation went.

“Are you still doing that ABC stuff?” One child remarked.
Anya: “Yeah…I’m too good at it.” (Writing at the table)
“Hey, Anya wanna play?” Another child said.
Anya: “Always you kids bug me…I’m busy.”
“Why don’t you smile or something?” One child said.
Anya: (Getting agitated) “You don’t want me to get mad!”
“Maybe I do! Come on and play with us already!” Three children gathered with the first.
Anya: “Fine. I’ll play…only a-cause you won’t leave me alone.” (She laughed)

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