Saturday, January 16, 2010

Language Development in Early Childhood Education

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. 
There is no cure for curiosity."
~Dorothy Parker

Kids inquire many questions of us big people…. But do we as adults challenge kids with questions?
I am not talking of the usual eight plus three, or the capitol of Alaska scenario… oh-no, no, no. I mean questions only ‘they’ can answer….which means the asker’s job is to listen.
I do this every now and then at circle times for language development...or when things get a little too quiet.
The children sometimes have answered these questions in silly, humorous, logical or very thought provoking way. I leave it up to them.
Being preschoolers….I’ll ask whatever comes to know, improvise. I may even amuse myself.
Here are some examples of questions we have come up with over the years.

Great Language Development Questions 
That Will Really Get Kids Thinking;
“What sound does a goldfish make?”
“Why does your nose run and your feet smell?”
“Who turns on the light when you open the refrigerator?”
“If a carrot is orange why don’t we call it an orange?”
“Where does baby oil come from?”
“Where do teachers sleep?”

Most kids will actually answer you…and will keep elaborating if you ask more questions.....


Dan Gurney said...

Zen questions!

Who were you before you were born?

Unknown said...

Kids have some amazing answers...
Their curiosity and thought processes still inspire me...