Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does Discipline Hurt Our Kids Self Esteem?

 "If we don't discipline ourselves, 
the world will do it for us."
-William Feather

Common Myths About Self-Esteem and Discipline
Myth: Symptoms of low self-esteem are "biting, hitting or fighting" with others.
Truth: Toddlers or preschoolers with aggressive behaviors or that my have "bullying" attributes have been shown to have a very high self regard.

Myth: Low self-esteem in the early years will effect the child's academic scores later on.
Truth: Low academic scores affect a child's self-esteem, success contributes by raising child's self-esteem. This is why we as teacher's love to set children up for success!

Myth: How a child feels about his/or herself effects their success in life...

Truth: Actually, studies have shown and continue to prove that a child's level of self-control as well as their ability to be patient, wait, and delay rewards is a strong indicator for life success.

We live in a time where everything is fast or instant. A number of years ago a study was done called the,"Marshmallow Test". Children of various ages were told they could have a marshmallow now, or wait a few minutes and get more marshmallows. Of all the children tested, only a small number actually had the discipline to wait. The children were followed through out their lives and those that had the internal discipline, had better marriages, went to college, and had no issues with debt. Of the children that gobbled the marshmallows immediately....it was the opposite. Self-esteem and the young child may not be the real issue when we are dealing with situations in the home, preschool classroom or the family daycare. For as much as we love and care for our little ones, we as teacher's and parents must recognize that over indulging our young ones could do more harm than good.

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