Monday, September 7, 2009

Bonding in Early Childhood Education

Albert Einstein once said,"Believe it or not one of my greatest regrets is that I didn't teach.I regret this because I would have liked to have more contact with children. There has always been something about the innocence and the freshness of young children that appeals to me and brings me great enjoyment to be with them. And they are always open to have knowledge. I have never really found it difficult to explain the basic laws of nature to children. When you reach them at their level, you can read in their eyes their genuine interest and appreciation"

When I first started "teaching" it didn't feel natural. I felt intimidated by the children. I got nervous if they cried or asked me a question I didn't know the answer to. What was worse is that the children picked up on my nervousness right away.
They were a group of three-year-old preschoolers.
"You're 'new' aren't you-Tee-Hee?"
"But, we are allow-ed to stand on da table, Teacher!"
"You smell funny...can I cut your hairs wit sciss-o-s?"

I went home with a headache. The kind one gets just before one throws up.
Einstein was right...mind you. There is a that innocent, fresh side, and he explains it quite well. It is something you could only understand if you've experienced it for yourself.
To laugh, to cry, to play and experience to joy and pains of a child's world. Teaching takes something out of you-and it's no small thing. But to actually bond with a child-now that turns the page and takes learning to a whole new dimension.
You can't see it, touch it, taste- smell or hear it. No one really knows when it happens....the exact moment when you and a child bond.
In a learning environment, wherever it maybe; classroom or family daycare-multiply that bonding experience with every infant, toddler and preschooler...
The results are astounding. The effect it has on the immediate environment is that of harmony, laughter,and a "family" atmosphere.
What a treat it would have been to have been taught by Mr. Einstein. 

He knew what it was like to learn while he taught...

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