Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What’s the Difference Between Baby 1.0 vs. Toddler 2.0?

Dear Tech Support,
Last year I upgraded from Baby 1.0 to Toddler 2.0. and noticed a distinct increase in the system’s overall performance, particularly in Tantrums 4.0 and it regularly defaults to a “No” application I never downloaded.
In addition, Toddler 2.0 uninstalled some really great programs like Regular NAPS 2.0 while installing Whining XP and Biting 4.0.
Easy-Going 8.0 no longer runs and adding cookies simply causes the system to crash just before adding SugarOverload 2.0. I’ve tried adding Pleading 3.0 and Nagging 4.0 but it works to no avail.
Someone recommended the Spanking 1.0 application but this seems counterproductive to what I am trying to do here.
What should I do?
Desperate Mom

Thank you for your letter. First, please keep in mind that Baby 1.0 is a Learning Package; Toddler is a full operating system.
Please enter the command: idothisbecauseiloveyou.html and download, Compassion5, Positive Discipline 3 and Love&Humor4.2. 
If the application is working as designed, Toddler 2.0 should begin running Happiness 3.0, Contentment 5 and Sweetness 3.1.
Please reconsider the Spanking 1.0 application, our research shows that overuse of this application can cause Toddler 2.0 to default to MEGAtantrums 4.3, Anger 5 with the Confusion 6.
Just so you know, all those default programs are very bad. These act as a virus and will eventually seize control of every system in Toddler 2.0.
I forgot to mention, do not attempt to reinstall Baby 1.0 back to Toddler 2.0. That system is no longer supported and will completely crash Toddler 2.0.
In summary, Toddler 2.0 is an excellent program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications as quickly as you may like. Please consider buying additional software like Parent Support 7. 
Thank you & Good Luck,
Tech Support


Unknown said...

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Edify said...
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Unknown said...

Funny but absolutely true! Parents should come up with different strategies that fit the age of the child or else it could mean system crash down for parents! :)