Thursday, November 17, 2011

7 Reasons Why Teachers are Such Great Bloggers

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I was a blogger-in-bloom in 2009.  I had been a preschool teacher for twenty-years at that time and I was really just looking to share my experiences.

I got spammed by someone my first month-ahem. (By a non-teacher blogger, mind you.)

Not that I did anything wrong. Well, other than the fact that I didn’t know how to connect with others on the blogosphere. Maybe I did comment-faux-pas, who knows? 

The simple fact was that I was wholeheartedly looking for how to do this blogging stuff right.

It reminded me of my first few years of being a preschool teacher. I could tell you all about it but I believe we would all have similar stories of feelings of inadequacy.
I know in so many ways, just like blogging, teachers look to get things right because we sincerely care. Which is what really prompted me to write about why teachers are such great bloggers.
So, if you don’t have a blog, or are considering to blog, I really hope this motivates you to start!

Reason #1 Teachers are Persistent
All good teachers are persistent. Persistence leads to consistency which is needed in blogging. Most blogs wither away on the vine for lack of attention and grooming. We as teachers understand that where there is a will there’s a way. We make time for blogging just like we make time for the quiet or crying child. It’s part of our DNA.

Reason #2 Teachers are Sincere
We know that the children would never give us the time of day if we talked like a stale piece of toast. Teachers know how to jazz up dusty routines (always making the old feel new again) and have that amazing ability to teach and reach the heart at the same time. It comes with practice and sincerity. It transitions well over into our blogs, too.

Reason #3 Teachers Know How to Share
Teachers understand that sharing doesn’t come naturally. We know because we spend so much time encouraging it. Blogging requires social networking which really means that we aren’t afraid to get excited about one another's ideas. Teacher’s blog about one another’s blogs: yes, we actually do activities we say we are going to do. Sharing and blogging is a form of virtual encouragement and affirmation.

Reason #3 Teachers are Patient
Blogging takes patience. Not only the learning process but the overall netiquette involved. We have all worked with children in the classroom that have had a bit of a time making friends, socializing, or learning something new.
As teachers we are helpers one to another. We understand it takes time to learn new things and get set up on new blogging platforms. Because blogging teachers took time with me I learned about the ways I could take time with others. 

Reason #4 Teachers are Creative
Is this the only profession where you can see the same project posted one hundred different ways and we still blog about it? Did you ever wonder why? Teachers are creative in blogging or we would have gone the way of the dinosaur years ago.

Reason #5 Teachers are Inspirational
Teachers are nothing like firecrackers. We don’t put on a grand show and fizzle out in a random puff of smoke. We have an amazing ability to inspire and that has a lot to do with Reason #4. Much of our inspiration comes from the classroom and overflows into the willingness to share with other like-minded individuals. Blogging is a great outlet for us. We motivate and inspire one another!

Reason #6 Teachers Think Outside the Box
Perhaps our own children rub off on us a bit. Thinking outside the box requires looking at solutions and problems in new ways, even if it means getting out of our comfort zone. A good blog stands out from the others through presentation and the angle in which it’s presented.
The same requirement stands for good lesson planning.

Reason #7 Teachers Are Willing to Be Transparent
Blogs are liked for their personality, authenticity and ability make others want to engage. Interestingly enough, these are the attributes of a child’s favorite teacher. How many of us have gone the extra mile; at story time, by being the butt of a joke for the sake making an upset child laugh, or  regularly reminding the children how much you care about them being happy and safe?
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Our children are the first ones to call a phony a phony.
As adults, we learn to think it but not say it. I have always felt that  a teacher falls somewhere in between.

It’s a blessing to yourself and be self aware. It’s a gift to others to be transparent enough to share yourself openly without hurting feelings.

When a teacher finds the right balance in a blog; and we usually do, it’s a beautiful thing.


Weena said...

Sooo true! Great post Barbra! Loved it. :)

Barbra The Bloggess said...

Thank you, Teacher Weena! :)

Teacher Tom said...

You nailed it, Barbra! We have skilzzzz. =)

Barbra The Bloggess said...

We do, Teacher Tom! Let's all keep up the good work!

Deborah Stewart said...

I love this post! I am teaching a social networking workshop to teachers coming soon - can I share this with them? I would actually just show this straight off your blog - and of course introduce your blog to them in the process:)

I love #4!! I love seeing an old idea shared in brand new ways. I get all giddy and excited when I can find a new spin on any old idea! LOL!

Barbra The Bloggess said...

@Deborah (Teach Preschool)
Wow, what an honor-Goodness Gravy!
Of course, you can!