Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Preschool Kids Think About School

Sure, Early Childhood Educators care about what our preschool children think and feel about their preschool experiences. After all, it is the first impression they get of school.
Most often times, it's good to take a survey or census of our work. Usually we get feedback from our families.
Not me.
At least that is not my only feedback. I go to the children themselves-and not to brag but over the years I have learned to speak "Preschool-ese".
Below are actual answers from the preschoolers and some may argue that my interpretations are a bit liberal....but trust me, I'm a trained professional.
I encourage you to take a survey from the kids as well. And if you have a bit of trouble interpreting here are some easy translations.

Handy Dandy Tips for Effective Interpretations of Preschool-ese:

Question: "What do you like most about Preschool?"

"The play-dough tastes good." Translation: "I like to play with the play-dough here at school. If I accidentally tell you I eat it, please don't get mad."

"My teacher is really pretty/cute." Translation: (It's a compliment, silly)

"My mommy take-d me to preschool and I go to my school." Translation: "I am not quite used to the idea of preschool, but I get it that I have to go. I miss my mommy and I wish she could come along, too. I really need you to be my friend and check on me, teacher."

"When is snacks coming?" Translation: "I love the food and snacks here. I'm growing and require lots of food so I would appreciate it if you would kindly send word to the kitchen so I can get on with playing. I need my energy."
(* NOTE: It may seem like the answer had nothing to do with the question, doesn't it? Ah, not so-necessarily)

How about you? What are some great translations that work for you as a teacher?
How is you're 'Preschool-ese' on a scale of 1-10?

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