Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is the Way Preschoolers Say Thank You

I get so many thank you notes and drawings from the wonderful preschoolers I work with. It's just another one of the perks of being a teacher and a friend. I found it interesting that our preschoolers have themes to their thank you pictures sometimes.

The Five Little Pumpkins (sitting on a gate)
"This is 'aposed to be da five little punkins on the gate. I didn't drawed the gate. The punkins are wondering where it went, too. That is why they look surprised. I drawed this for you a'cuz I like you."
~ Jared
The Rolling Pumpkin
"He was rolling and fell into the graveyard thing. He said, "Hey! I'm gettin' outta this joint!" and rolled away. I don't think pumpkins like to be scared. I don't like to be scared, either. I don't blame him, ya know."
Halloween Thank You Picture (Untitled)
"The cat came to sniff da pumpkins. They smell good. I drawed a lot of pumpkins because I am good at it. The other stuff is Halloween decoration for your house. Oh, and I drawed a lot of pumpkins  because I am good at it."

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