Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Cornstach Ooze For Kids

We love to add a little science lesson while we are having fun! We have always believed that getting kids excited, engaged and utterly curious about any activity makes for the best educational experiences. So what is the best activity? Drum roll, please.
We at Intello Kids believe it's the activity that involves as many of the senses as possible!
Cornstarch Ooze is always a favorite and we tend to die it different colors depending on what we're doing. Green is huge for Halloween fee-lie activities!

How to Make Cornstarch Ooze:
Materials: A large bowl or sensory tub, food coloring, (for a group of 12 or more kids) 5-8 boxes of cornstarch, a warm pitcher water, a towel, lots of newspaper to cover the table
Procedure: Ask the kids to help you mix, pour and knead the cornstarch is the bowl. We like to have the children touch the materials because it will go through a drastic transformation later. Have the children help die the water by adding food coloring and slowly pour it into the cornstarch mixture. Carefully add water until it has a hard consistency yet melts in your hands. If you have added too much water you can add more cornstarch or simply give the mixture time to dry out a bit.
Tips for Success: Have this activity near a water source or tub along with a nice clean towel. Children love rinsing off the ooze as much as digging in it. A towel to dry little hands will save on your paper towel supply.
Hypothesis: The mixture has a low melting point so the heat from our hands melt the mixture much like the sun would an ice cream cone we eat on a hot day. We like to ask the children for their own ideas and write down their own hypothesis.

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