Thursday, August 12, 2010

Explain it to me like I'm Three

Kindergartners David and Britney were arguing about how the telephone actually works. There is an actual phone the children have been dissecting and David took it upon himself to teach some of the children about it.
"Okay. So when you talk in the reciee-ber (receiver) part there are electrics that move with your voice, get it Brit?" David said pointing to the receiver on the phone.
"The what? Moved where? My Dad moved once...we had to get a big truck." Brit laughed.
"No. No. Have you lost your mind?" Davis said putting his hands on his hips.
 "I don't get it." She retorted.
"How can you not get it. The Electrics MOVE..."
"Hm. Still don't get it. Let's start over. Okay, explain it to me like I'm three..."

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